Monday, January 14, 2013

New Book: No Evidence of a Crime

 It's been a while since we've had a crime mystery on the blog, so this week I'm excited to welcome S. Connell Vondrak to The Edible Bookshelf. This week I'm featuring her novel, No Evidence of a Crime. Keep reading to find out more, and to keep a preview of the sequel, "The Evidence is Clear."

"No Evidence of a Crime, begins with the death of a congressional aide.  The two detectives assigned to the case quickly notice that the reports from the crime lab do not explain the facts they know to be true. As they look at the crime lab more closely, they realize the reports from the crime lab are not just wrong but designed to mislead the investigation.  With Washington, DC politics in play and a crime lab that can’t be trusted, they turn to a lone forensic scientist they believe they can trust and slowly work through the evidence of the case to find the real killer. 

The Evidence is Clear, is a sequel to No Evidence of a Crime.  It begins three weeks later, with the death of a Congressman but nothing appears as it seems.  The Congressman is shot with a gun, but the gun has not been fired in over twenty years.  The detectives have only met the Congressman a few weeks earlier but he has a picture of one of detective’s father which leads them to discover she is the focus of a congressional investigation, an investigation that sends her back home to a small town where she must face her past.   This book stands alone as a mystery, but the characters and their lives are woven between both books." 

No Evidence of a Crime is available from Amazon. "The Evidence is Clear" is also available from Amazon

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