Monday, January 7, 2013

New Book: Ghost Writer

Normally a ghost writer is someone who writes a book for someone else. They get paid, but they don't get their name on the book. This happens often with celebrities, but what about with actual ghosts? This week we're exploring Lorna Collins' Ghost Writer. Read on to find out more about this unusual arrangement. 

"When unemployed computer programmer Nan Burton inherits a California beach cottage from her great-great-aunt, she’s delighted. But she’s in for a huge surprise: The house is haunted by the ghost of famous romance writer Max Murdoch (pen name Maxine DuBois) who insists Nan complete his last novel, threatening to keep her from sleeping until she agrees. The ensuing clash pits youth against the long-dead but still egotistical author with humorous and moving results." 

Ghost Writer is available now from Amazon