Monday, January 14, 2013

Review: Wisteria

When Wisteria Kuti's two choices are track flesh eating zombies or go it alone in the wild, becoming a tracker wins out pretty easily. She has the weapons and skills she needs to track the creatures. That doesn't mean she's safe, though. Despite her training, Wisteria ends up facing what she thinks are her last moments. When the mysterious Bach shows up and rescues her, not only is Wisteria dazzled by his good looks, her whole world changes. Things she thought she knew and understood become muddled as she begins to realize her hometown is hiding secrets and telling lies. 

Wisteria is not your typical slasher-type zombie book. Those can be fun, but this book has the added benefit of having a very intriguing storyline. The world Wisteria lives in is dark, a little frightening, and far from simple. Wisteria's home town of Smythe is a great setting for this type of book. It's clear that there is more hiding in the dark corners of this town than the reader is expressly told. I enjoyed the tone and thought it fit very well with the story. Bach's world is a little more complex. He lives outside of Smythe, yet remains uninfected. He comes from The Family and sees himself as above the Terrans. Bach's world is a little more vague than Wisteria's. I hope the author plans to delve into and explain a little more about this world in the next few books. If not, readers may be left a little confused. 

The characters in Wisteria were very well developed. Wisteria herself is a complex character who readers can relate to and care about. She's more of an average girl, but she's strong and has a good personality. She does tend to be a little emotional, especially when it comes to Bach, but for those who know teenage girls, that's pretty true to form. Bach comes of as a little less likable than he could have been. His elitist attitude is a bit much at times, but hopefully this was done in order to give him room to change and grow throughout the series. The secondary characters were well written, as well. They filled in the gaps of the book and rounded out a full world and story. 

This was an enjoyable book with strong characters and an interesting storyline. I stayed interested throughout and would like to read the next book. However, this book may not be for everyone. There is a decent amount of violence that may be too graphic for some readers. The editing is also something that holds this book back a little. It was enough of an issue to be distracting at ties, but not enough to make me stop reading. 

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