Thursday, June 28, 2012

Favorites from "American Caliphate"

My favorite part of books like this is the new things you get to learn. I am not a history buff by any means, but I do enjoy learning about people and countries and the history that helped a person or place become what it is today. 

There was plenty of new and exciting facts presented in American Caliphate. I had no idea Spanish Muslims came to the Americas. I really wasn't even aware of how they were treated in Spain, and that the government tried to pretty much get rid of all the Muslims during this time period. It gave me a better appreciation for religious freedom. The introduction of the Ibanez storyline painted a very good picture of why someone would be willing to leave their family, including a pregnant wife, to search for a place where they could build a new home where they were free to worship. 

This really was a fascinating book. The clash between the Spanish Inquisition and Muslims believers proved very interesting, but then you also got to learn about the Moche people and the mysteries surrounding their culture and history. It was a very interesting read. 

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