Thursday, June 7, 2012

"On a Wing and a Dare " Favorites

"Watching Emma and Adain soar over Tremeirchson, Davyd forgot his own fear. They were a thing of beauty, clearly meant to be together." 

Like Davyd, I was pulled in by the beauty of the flying horses. Linda Ulleseit does a great job of making the barn experience realistic. She uses terminology those who work with horses will recognize, but she keeps it basic enough that any reader can follow what is happening. 

There is a mystery surrounding the flying horse in OWD when the beautiful animals begin getting sick. The mystery is made even more potent by the fact that Linda has built a love for the horses by the time the sickness really takes hold. 

The flying horses enhance the other aspects of the book, as well. The relationships, politics, family life, and town survival are all strained as the horses become ill and the question about moving them surfaces. 

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  1. Thanks, DelSheree, for posting this! I'd like to add one of my own favorite parts of the book. This is from Emma's confrontation with her father.

    “Begone?” she scoffed. “It’s easy to banish me when I have already made the choice to go. I have chosen my life, my horse, and my man on my own, with no help from you. All you have shown me over the last year is disapproval. I nursed your dying horses while you ignored me. Now you think you have the right to banish me?”

    Linda Ulleseit

    1. I loved Emma's personality throughout the book. She was such a great character, strong and sweet at the same time!