Monday, June 18, 2012

New Book: Sumerford's Autumn

This week Barbara Gaskell Denvil's historical novel, Sumerford's Autumn, will take us back to the time of the Tudor's gaining power and the Plantagenet's trying to regain what they lost. Within such thick conspiracies and danger, a love story will unfold. 

"Utterly disinterested in politics, war, or power and with no expectations of inheriting more than his father’s casual contempt, since his three elder brothers take precedence, Ludovic, the Earl of Sumerford’s youngest son, settles to a life of smuggling to embellish his non-existent fortune.

Four sons, four secret and complicated agendas, and four very different personalities combine to create an atmosphere of brooding and aggravated unease at Sumerford Castle. The earl watches his sons’ varied interests with considerable misgivings, in particular his mentally unstable heir’s new wife, a strangely unorthodox woman. Then everything changes.

It is the very end of the 15th century, and Henry VII, the founder of the Tudor dynasty, sits on England’s throne, but how long he will remain there is unsure for there are other claimants to the crown. One names himself Richard Plantagenet, though the king dubs him Perkin Warbeck, and it is Ludovic’s brother Gerald who is risking his life to prove this is no pretender but the rightful king. 

Against the background of the brothers’ diverse and complex passions and the menacing and intensifying political situation, the family hides and protects its mysteries. And Ludovic, although looking for something quite different, finds romance in the unlikeliest place. But it is danger, not love, which finds Ludovic first. Drawn into conspiracies of treason, Ludovic faces arrest and imprisonment. Soon, haunted and tortured on the rack, this youngest son seems likely to lose his very minor fortune, his barely awakening romance, and possibly even his worthless life. But once again not everything is as it appears."

Sumerford's Autumn is available now in the US Amazon store and the UK Amazon store. 

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