Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Introducing: Barbara Gaskell Denvil

This week our featured author is Barbara Gaskell Denvil. Barbara is the author of Sumerford's Autumn, a historical novel set during the beginnings of the Tudor reign in England. Read on to find out more about Barbara and her writing. 

BARBARA GASKELL DENVIL, has been a writer all her life. Born in
Gloucestershire, England, she soon moved to London and quickly built up a career
publishing numerous short stories and articles while also working as a literary reviewer
and critic for BOOKS & BOOKMEN and a literary editor, television script writer, editor,
and publishers’ reader.

She then spent many hot and colourful years sailing the Mediterranean and living in
various different countries throughout Europe.
When her partner died, she moved to rural Australia where she still lives amongst the
parrots and wallabies, writing full time before contemplating further travels.

Her first finished novel, FAIR WEATHER, is a dark, intense and atmospheric fantasy
set partially in England in the 1200s. The storyline is based on considerable historical
content, but the plot centres around the eternal battle of good and evil.
Her second novel – SATIN CINNABAR, is a medieval crime adventure which
commences on the battlefield at Bosworth 1485, and covers the fist few difficult months
of the emerging Tudor dynasty.

Barbara’s love of late medieval history and many years of meticulous research
have enabled her to bring the period vividly to life and her new historical adventure
SUMERFORD’S AUTUMN is once again set during the early years of the Tudor
dynasty and is an epic, wide ranging mystery with elements of both romance and Gothic

You can stay up to date on what Barbara is doing and writing by visiting her blog at http://www.bgdenvil.com/ or by following her on Facebook

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