Thursday, June 14, 2012

Favorites from "SNAP: The World Unfolds"

I'll admit, I'm not a big vampire book reader. I enjoyed "Twilight" and read a few of the "House of Night" books, but that's really my whole vampire repertoire. So I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading SNAP: The World Unfolds. Would I find the sparkly, altruistic type of vampire, or the hungry, out of control variety? In reality, it was something in between. 

At first I wasn't so sure about Drier's choice to stick with many of the traditional myths surrounding vampires. I worried it was going to lack a new angle to the commonly used vampire aspect. What changed my mind was Drier's use of history when it came to explaining the vampires. 

Drier pulled from times of the plague to set the back story, used the changes in technology to push new lifestyles on the vampire families, and blended these not-quite-human beings into the modern age of the entertainment industry very well. I enjoyed the story of how the Kandesky's came to the place they are in at the start of the book. Even drawing on very traditional vampire mythology, there was a new and interesting twist to these vampires. 

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